The College was granted Extension of Academic Autonomy in January 2013


An autonomous college will have the freedom to Determine and prescribe its own courses of study and syllabi, restructure and redesign the courses within the given framework of the Pondicherry University, evolve methods of assessment of students performance, conduct of examination and notification of results.


The college has the following bodies to ensure proper management of academic, financial and general administrative affairs:

  • Governing body
  • Academic council
  • Boards of studies
  • Finance committee

Towards this objective, the Boards of Studies have so far met four times. The members deliberated on the various aspects and designed a restructured curriculum. The Academic Council have so far met eight times to scrutinize and approve the proposals of the Boards of Studies with regard to structure of the Course, syllabi and evaluation methods with its suggestions/modification.

The Governing Body have so far met seven times to deliberate on the various aspects of the Autonomous System towards the achievement of the Goal of the Autonomy.


The mechanism of evaluation has two components .i.e.

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) & End Semester Examination (ESE)

Components of CIAs Max.Marks
Attendance 5
Tests(two tests) 10
Model Exam 10

Marks for the attendance will be awarded if the candidate secures

Percentage Max.Marks
90% to 100% 5
85% to 89.9% 4
80% to 84.9% 3
75% to 79.9% 2
Less than 75% 1

A candidate will be permitted to appear for the end semester examination only if she secures more than 75 percent of attendance during the semester. However candidates with 60% to 74.9 % of attendance are permitted to attend the examination by paying an amount of Rs.200/- as condonation fee.

Award of Gold Medal   :     Click here for Details