National Cadet Corps

In order to instill discipline,regularity punctuality and asence of honour and pride in the young minds of the
students the college offers training in various wings of NCC like Army Navy and Air Force.

      (Reports 2016-21)

National service Schemes

To motive social conduct and to inculcate discipline and service to the society,the students are enrolled as
volunteers in NSS. The volunteers carry out the activities like blood donation,Tree plantation,Anti-pollution campaign, Campus cleaning, AIDS Awareness programmes etc.

      (Reports 2018-21 )         (Reports 2022-23)
      (Reports Special Camp 2022-23 )

Physical Education ( Reports )

Physical Education helps the students to build up the team and competitive spirit.It provides training and practice to the students to represent state, National,International level events in Games and sports. It is made compulsory that the students must participate in the sports/games


Fine Arts Club

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Red-Ribbon Club

Health Club

Eco Club

Reading Club

Rotaract Club